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3 Things You Don’t Know About 2 Broke Girls

‘’2 Broke Girls’’ was canceled by CBS after it ran straight for six seasons between 2011 and 2017, airing 138 episodes in the process.

We had two 20-something girls, Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), both of whom were totally broke, and worked at a diner together. Both then decide that enough is enough and that it’s time to team up to start a business and rake in the big bucks.

With such an amazing storyline, not to mention the brilliant acting of both the girls, the show was bound to attract audiences. Still, despite the huge numbers that it attracted over the years, ‘’2 Broke Girls’’ was able to hide something from its audiences, until now.

Here’s what you don’t know about ‘’2 Broke Girls’’:


Beth Behrs was a Nobody before the Show

Imagine for a moment, and it seems impossible to picture a role of Caroline without Beth Behrs. Still, when CBS started their search for the face of Caroline, they were looking for something which Beth hadn’t: prior experience.

Beth, meanwhile, wasn’t too confident about getting the role either. For, in her own words, she had gone to many auditions last year, only to see the direction team awarding the role to a star. What’s more, and in the words of co-creator Whitney Cummings, CBS also ‘’wanted stars’’ in the show.

Therefore, it was not only the acting skills which Beth displayed during her audition– but also the efforts of the direction team of ‘’2 Broke Girls’’ to convince CBS to hire her – which we can thank for the inclusion of Beth in the TV series.

Both Beth and Kat are serious Pet Lovers

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons to fall in love with ‘’2 Broke Girls’’, here’s another: both of them are hardcore pet lovers. While Dennings is more of a kitten person, Behrs has a dog. So much is their love for their pets that both went to ‘’The Ellen Show’’ to discuss their furry friends.

While Dennings has a kitten named Milly, the Yorkie puppy of Behrs is named Betty. Dennings further told Ellen that she has been a foster parent for kitties in the past. She further described that one of the hardest things in her life was to let those kitties go after she had fostered them.

The show ALMOST didn’t happen

When the plot line of ‘’2 Broke Girls’’ was revealed for the first time, many in the Hollywood weren’t overly impressed with it. For, that was a time when the idea of 2 women playing leading roles in a drama was a novel one for the audiences.

And to add to the nerves of the potential producers of the drama, both the woman were blunt and said things which audiences didn’t relate to the prime time television of that time.

That said, there was one thing which kept the idea of the show above-board: its honest outlook at the recession that was raging at that time, and how it felt for the millennials to feel completely broke.

Hence, and as the co-creator King mentioned to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview, it was that very idea of 20-year-olds working odd jobs to make ends meet which convinced the producers of ‘’2 Broke Girls’’ to have faith in the show.

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