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You Aren’t a Saint: Seal Calls Oprah Winfrey as Part of the Problem

Who said that everybody was gushing in praise of Oprah after her landmark speech at the Golden Globes? There have been some dissenting voices, and musician Seal is the latest to call her out.

Just days after her speech at the Golden Globe Awards – which many believed turned Oprah into a 2020 Presidential candidate, musician Seal has slammed Oprah Winfrey on Instagram. In a stinging rebuke, the 54 year old called Oprah as part of the problem and hypocrite in unequivocal terms.

Seal showed her displeasure with Oprah on an Instagram post, Wednesday, by posting a couple of photos of Winfrey with the Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein. One of the photos which he shared showed Oprah kissing the disgraced producer’s cheek.

If that wasn’t enough, Seal added a couple of comments on both photographs which suggested that far from being an angel, Oprah knew all along that the movie director was mistreating women.

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad,” Seal wrote.

Though it is hard to believe, Seal isn’t the first celebrity to call out Oprah over her speech. A couple of days ago, James Wood – who is one of the most conservative actors in Hollywood, posted the same images with equally vitriolic comments on her Twitter page.

In addition to these two celebrities, the creator of “Family Guy”, Seth MacFarlane, has also come out in opposition to Oprah. He has cautioned that when compared with public service, Oprah’s Celebrity power doesn’t quality her as a Presidential Candidate.

In the light of all these comments, it would be difficult to believe that Oprah HAS NOT, even hinted, in any way that she is thinking to run for the office in 2020. Yes, some Twitter trend have urged her to do the same, but she has been silent after her speech.

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