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Sarah Silverman Responds Brilliantly To Sexist Twitter Troll

Ask celebrities, and they’d tell you that if there’s one thing they hate about Twitter, it’s trolling. Sarah Silverman, however, has her own unique way of dealing with such trolls. And it’s effective!

Though she is known for her dark comedy, Sarah Silverman has a heart full of kindness. And that kindness was on full display a few days ago when a sexist troll tried to abuse her with the C-word. Instead of blocking the person, Sarah responded in a unique way: she inquired the person about his life.

This is how the whole conversation started


To which Sarah responded in an emphatic manner.

That set the ball rolling

From there on, Silverman was a woman on a mission. She tried to understand what the problem was and how the troll was dealing with the issues which he was facing. Sening that his voice was being heard, the man started opening his heart. Sarah knew that the conversation was going in the right direction. So on came an advice.

From then on, Jeremy knew that she had an audience. And not only any audience but one that wanted to listen her side of the story.

To the credit of the person, he apologized for his misbehavior.

In a bid to get Jeremy back on his feet, Sarah sent out a plea for help.

And the Twitter world didn’t disappoint

And the Internet wasn’t far behind to applaud the kindness of Silverman.


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