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‘’13 Reasons Why’’ Season 2: Trailer, Premiere Date Revealed

The ’13 Reasons Why’ drama series, which has become controversial for its depiction of teen suicide, will be aired for the 2nd season running on Netflix.

Netflix has announced that it will premiere the season 2 of highly controversial ‘’13 Reasons Why’’ drama series on May 18, 2018. The online streaming giant announced the premiere data on its social media, alongside the caption, “The tapes were just the beginning.”

The announcement has come days after Netflix teased the fans of ‘’13 Reasons Why’’ with various posts over the last few days. One of these posts, which were posted on Monday, contained a live stream showcasing two Polaroid photos, leaving fans of the drama series wondering for several hours.

While the announcement regarding the Premiere data has come out just now, Season 2 of the ‘’13 Reasons Why’’ was confirmed last May. The debut season was aired in March 2017 and its content quickly generated widespread buzz.

‘’13 Reasons Why’’ drama series is based on a young-adult book of author Jay Asher by the same name. The protagonist of the drama is a high-school girl, Hannah, who has committed suicide but not before leaving 13 cassette tapes for her boyfriend Clay.

The movie, therefore, revolves around those tapes in which Hannah, whose role is played by Katherine Langford, tells Clay (Dylan Minnette) the reason for her suicide. The drama also includes stars Alisha Boe, Christian Navarro, Justin Prentice, Brandon Flynn, Miles Heizer, Kate Walsh, and Brian d’Arcy James.

Season 2 of the drama begins in the immediate aftermath of the death of Hannah, before showing how his friends and family cope with her death while also trying to piece together their lives. It has also been revealed that in the second season, parents of Hannah will file a lawsuit against her school.

Source of Controversy of ‘’13 Reasons Why’’

As told earlier, the whole drama revolves around the suicide of a high-school girl, hence the reason why it is so controversial. So furious was the uproar after its first episode was aired last year that Netflix decided to add more viewer warnings.

What’s more, Netflix has now revealed that the Second Season will contain a new warning video before each episode to tell viewers the ways to get help. Netflix is also planning an after-show, ‘’Beyond the Reasons’’, in which the actors of the show, in addition to experts and educators try to break down the logic behind the series.

Despite courting so much controversy, ‘’13 Reasons Why’’ enjoyed widespread popularity in its maiden season. For, it became 2017’s fourth most tweeted about TV show, lagging only behind Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Big Brother.

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