Disney Starts To Work On a Remake For ‘Home Alone’

Home Alone became a classic instantly when it was released almost thirty years ago.

‘Home Alone’ franchise included 5 movies –

  1. released in 1990
  2. released in 1992
  3. released in 1997
  4. The TV film was released in 2002
  5. released in 2012

Although most fans thought this franchise finished his way, Disney announced that they decided to remake ‘Home Alone’ along with other classics such as ‘Night at the Museum’ and ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.

This new project is expected to be released on Disney+.

Also, in the announcement, Disney used the word ‘reimagine’ which sounds like it might not be a total remake but just making the movie look better.

‘Home Alone’s lead actor, Macaulay Culkin publish his response to the news

‘Home Alone’ 2018 Edition- Macaulay Culkin Stars In ‘Home Alone’ Google Ad

Macaulay Culkin playing again Kevin McCallister for a new Google Assistant commercial, and Home Alone fans will be happy to watch it. The ad titled “Home Alone Again,” the actor has recreated some of the best scenes from the iconic Christmas film. From the memorable such as the bathroom scene, jumping on the bed, and the time Kevin gorged on ice cream as the pizza delivery boy arrives. Those scenes get a hilarious modern spin because, nowadays, Kevin’s a little old to be jumping on his parents’ bed— and Macaulay Culkin’s facial expressions are as great as ever.

Check out the full video commercial for Google Assistant from Macaulay Culkin Tweeter :


Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap in fake package

Having a package stolen off your front porch sucks and it does not matter what was inside the box. The growing number of online shoppers over recent years has led to a rise in thefts of packages from unsuspecting residents.

This is why Dummy Amazon boxes with GPS tracking devices are being installed by police in order to catch thieves taking the package from outside peoples houses.

Even Amazon (which is providing equipment free for the Jersey City program), as did UPS and FedEx, declined to provide figures on how many packages are reported stolen or missing, so exact figures on thefts are hard to come by- one survey suggested up to 26 million Americans have had a holiday package stolen from their home. That would be the equivalent of one in 12 Americans.

It’s mean that someone came into your privet space and took something you belong just because they could probably get away with it. Usually, even if you go to the police with license plates and high-res face photos, they’ll often respond with an apathetic shrug.

One man decided to do something about the package theft after having one of his own packages nabbed- the engineer/YouTuber Mark Rober. He built a special box and he got his inspiration from Macaulay Culkin- The kid from ‘Home Alone‘. This special package will make any robber think twice before hitting his house again.

It starts with a GPS tracker that lets Mark know when the box has been moved- but when the package is opened a custom-built spinning tub glitter in every direction, covering whoever opened it from head to toe. After a few minutes comes a blast of canned fart spray.

How does it work? Watch this video with Sean explanation:



Ryan Will Remake ‘Home Alone’ As A Stoner Comedy Film

Ryan Reynolds is thinking of broadening his portfolio into stoner comedy re-makes of Christmas classics.

Deadline has reported that Reynolds is going to muster up all of his filmmaking chops to take on Macaulay Culkin’s classic role and further explore the role of Kevin McAllister.

It’s going to be called Stoned Alone instead of Home Alone.