Shocked: 5 Movie Scenes Where the Actors Were Actually Terrified

Horror movies are meant for scaring us, however, sometimes the scenes are so real-life that they even terrify the crap out of the actors performing them.
Alien (1979)


Remember watching this classic horror movie? Then you’ll remember the scene in which THAT alien sprang out of the astronaut’s chest – only to scare the hell out of everyone, including the movie’s cast. The reason of the cast becoming truly horrified – as you can see for yourself in the scene – is that they were unknown of what was going to happen next.

Yes, they knew what the next scene was, but they weren’t aware that a worm alien – with all its guts and blood – was going to come out of John Hurt’s chest.  The scene was so breathtaking that actors performing it retreated to their rooms to get a breather and lower their blood pressure.

The Exorcist (1973)

In a documentary titled The Fear of God, the antics of William Friedkin has been brought to light as to how the film maker made The Exorcist look real. William refrigerated the room of where the exorcism took place to make sure that shivering was real. What’s more, he even kept randomly shooting artificial guns on the set to ensure that actors remained alert.

That said, it was the vomit scene where William used the best of her sadistic ability to horrify, in addition to the public, the cast of the movie. Jason Miller, the protagonist in the movie, was so pissed off at the vomit scene that after finishing it, he took the rest of the day off.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)


This movie revolves around friends who go on a camping trip which, as their ill-luck would have it, turns into a death trap for them. To make sure that the scenes look real, the director gave the cast members the necessary supplies – before leaving them to fend for themselves in the woods.

As a result, the movie contains scenes in which the actors were actually trying to find a way for themselves. After a few days passed, their food ration was cut down to make sure the actors became angry and ragged. Then when the actors were sleeping, the crew would appear from nowhere, to shake their tents and terrorize them.

The Departed (2006)

There’s one thing when you watch Jack Nicholson playing the role of a bad guy, it will only terrify you. Now, imagine that you’re the guy who’s right next to Nicholson in the scene, how will you feel when Jack, out of nowhere, starts taking out weapons.

DiCaprio felt one such moment of fear when, in The Departed, Jack felt that DiCaprio wasn’t scared enough to pull off the scene. Then, after consulting with the director, Jack Nicholson shoved a real handgun in the face of DiCaprio. And as Scorsese Confirmed, Leo was terrified big time.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

If there is one movie which shows how the work of a director could get the best – or crap – out of the performers, it has to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For instance, during the scene in which Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) hacks Allen Danziger (Jerry) to pieces, the cries of the latter were real because he hadn’t seen the mask before.

Say Goodbye:  Actors Hollywood Didn’t Cast In 2017

One day, they were movie stars with fans all around the world. The next, Hollywood felt that they were surplus to requirements, hence their career was all but over.

Fame is fickle, ask Hollywood actors, and they’d testify how true is this statement in the Entertainment Industry. After being at the peak of their powers for decades, some actors were deemed not good enough by the Hollywood in 2017. No matter how many good films of the past were at their credit, these performers were swiftly relegated to the dustbin of history.

Here are 4 Actors Hollywood Didn’t Cast in 2017 …
Matthew Fox

Once upon a time, the movies of Matthew Fox were raking in millions upon millions. His star was shining, the TV show in which he was performing was insanely hit, and his fan base knew no bounds. Then, just like that, destiny struck and Matthew was deemed surplus to the requirements of the Hollywood in 2017.

In addition to some of her movies bombing at the box office – i.e. Alex Cross, Extinction and Emperor, it is real-life of Matthew which hasn’t helped his case much. Apart from being accused of assaulting women, Matthew was sent behind bars for drunk driving in 2012.
Summer Glau

Remember River Tam? That super-powered, monosyllabic, PTSD-suffering psychic in Firefly and Serenity? Over the last few years, she has appeared in a variety of shows, from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, to Arrow.

Despite appearing in so many avatars, Summer is out of work of late. In fact, if you want to trace her last gig, it was way back in 2016, when she appeared in an Episode of Castle. Since then, she has been absent from the big screen.
Kathy Griffin

Remember that lady who tweeted an image in which she was holding a decapitated image of Donald Trump? Well, Hollywood doesn’t, as the amount of work that lady has received in the past twelve months shows us.

Thanks to her publicity stunt, Griffin was no longer allowed to appear in CNN New Year’s Eve Broadcast. Add that to how her IMDb profile looks like, and you’ll see that things are pretty dire for Cathy of late.
Cameron Diaz

In contrast to other celebrities who are mentioned in this article, Cameron Diaz hasn’t been rebuffed by Hollywood. Rather, it’s the other way around as Diaz claims that she’s taking a break to sort things out. That said, if you ask the critics, she is just making an excuse after delivering one flop film after other over the past few years.

Due to her performance in the Calendar Year 2014, Cameron won the Razzie Award from the People Magazine. The Magazine gives this award every year to performers whom it deems of being the worst in their field over the last year.

Danny McBride Make a ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Sequel And It’s Awful

Serving as music to the ears of the fans of the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ franchise – provided they do exist – Danny McBride has confirmed that a sequel to the original movie would be released later this year.

Exactly two decades after ‘Crocodile Dundee’ hit the screens to worldwide fame, its sequel is in the making. This time, however, it would not be Paul Hogan but Danny McBride who would be playing the leading role in the film.

Danny McBride confirmed this news later last week as he unveiled the trailer of Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns.  As the trailer showed, Danny will perform as the protagonist in the move, having taken over reins from Paul Hogan, his father in the movie.

“Throughout the past few years, I’ ve been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation,” Paul Hogan told People Magazine. Hogan, in addition to releasing the surprise clip, further added that the names of the other members of the cast be unveiled “very soon”.

Danny McBride – who has worked with James Franco and Seth Rogan in the past – is acclaimed for his leading roles in TV shows such as Vice Principals and Eastbound & Dawn. In most of his works, Danny plays the role of a foul-mouthed drunkard, whose overconfidence is always at odds with his over-rated capabilities.

That said, despite his recent hits, many eyebrows were raised when Hogan decided that it was Danny who would reboot the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ franchise from now on. After all, the last movie of the franchise, ‘Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles’ bombed at the Box Office in 2001.

As per the official synopsis, Danny (the younger Dundee) would be embarking on a rescue mission in the movie. The goal of the mission would be to find none other than Hogan (the elder Dundee) who has gone missing.

The Plot description further reveals that initially, the younger Dundee would be unlike his father – as he has grown up in a City. Still, when his father goes missing, he would adopt the Australian outlook and pick up the oversized knife of his dad.

Relatively newcomer Steve Rogers is directing his film and it would be produced by Rimfire Films, the same production agency which financed all the three Dundee Films in the past.

Revealed: The Story of A Never Produced “Star Wars: A New Hope” Sequel

Have you ever thought that the Production Team of Star Wars was once worried that the movie would bomb at the Box Office? Yup, you heard it right, and we have the whole story in full.

The year was 1976, and Alan Dean Foster was hired for two jobs. The first job was nothing abnormal: he was asked to ghostwrite a novel for the Star Wars. The second job, however, was breathtaking: writing a low-budget successor to “Star Wars: A New Hope” provided the film bombed at the Box Office.

Though Alan wrote the novel – it was released under the name “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” in 1978, it was never turned into a movie, with the success of A New Hope playing a huge part. The novel was released between the releases of New Hope and its successor, the Empire Strikes back.

Despite the fact that it was never turned into a movie, the Novel went on to become one of the first pieces in what was to become the Star Wars Universe. Hence, if you always wonder at “what could have been”, the novel’s story would take you right there.

Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind

Thanks to the Good Guys at Mr. Sunday Movies, we’ve been given the chance to look at the proposed sequel to the first Star Wars’ movie ever made.

Take a look.

It is important to note that Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and R2-D2 were all central characters in this novel. However, both Chewbacca and Han Solo didn’t make an appearance. After a gap of nearly two decades, the book was turned into a Graphic Novel – it was published by Dark Horse Comics in the year 1996.

Talking about the story, it revolves around a MacGuffin, known as “Mind’s Eye”. In the novel, it was named as Kaiburr Crystal, an ancient relic which could increase the sensitive power of the force by one thousand times, whereas its shards acted as lightsaber crystal.

For avid Star Wars fans interested in reading this sequel, the novel is available on Amazon whereas its graphic version is available digitally.

The $20Million Woman: Ellen Pompeo Reveals Everything In a Fiery Interview

It has been 14years since Ellen Pompeo became Meredith Gray in Grey’s Anatomy, a hit drama series of ABC. While the popularity of the show has risen on one end, the vocal criticism of Pompeo on the lack of gender equality has also risen, on the other.

This, and much more is revealed in a new Interview which the Hollywood Reporter has carried out with the veteran actor. From her on-set drama to annual salary and ideas on the concept of gender equality in the Industry – and Harvey Weinstein, Pompeo has dished on everything in this interview.

To say that Pompeo was candid in the interview would be an understatement. For, she was ferociously blunt – willing to discuss anything and everything the interviewer asked her. Take, for instance, her reaction when Grey’s Anatomy became an instant hit: (I knew I was f**ked), or when she first read the script of the drama series (“Are you out of your f**king mind?”).

And when the topic of Harvey Weinstein came up, Pompeo had an interesting anecdote to share. “He didn’t try anything on me”, she said recalling the time she met the disgraced Producer. When the interviewer asked her what would she have done had Weinstein had shown his true colors, Pompeo was unequivocal in her stance: (I’d have picked up a vase and cracked him over the f**king head).

The best part of this interview lied in the great negotiating advice which Pompeo received from her mentor, Shonda Rhimes. Shonda told her to decide in her head what she think she was worth, before asking for exactly that. Pompeo was of the opinion that every woman should act upon this advice to carve up space for them.

This advice changed Pompeo’s life for the good, as she was able to land a $20million contract for Grey’s Anatomy – which roughly translates to around $600,000 per episode, in addition to getting a place for her Production House in the Disney Lot.

In a controversial claim, Pompeo noted that after the departure of Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, the show’s ratings, instead of going down as its makers feared, spiked. Pompeo said that she shared a nice chuckle afterward.

Finally, she finished the show with a discussion of gender equality in the Hollywood. Pompeo was of the opinion that to achieve gender equality in the Industry, “more of us women” should be in power, and not on the sets of Shonda Rhimes’ alone.


Donald Trump Beware: Fire and Fury to Become TV Series

As if not enough damage had already been done to the image of The Donald, the bestselling Fire and Fury book – which exposes life inside Trump’s White House, would be converted into a TV series.

By his own admissions, Donald Trump is a very stable genius: for he doesn’t need intelligence reports from his top officials, and won’t read books because of his ever-expanding knowledge. There is, however, one book which has attracted his attention – for the worse – and that book now aims at inflicting more damage to his already tenuous Presidency.

Variety reports that by purchasing the TV rights to Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump’s White House, Endeavor Content has purchased the movie. Put simply, the book paints Donald Trump as unfit for the job (as if we didn’t know that already) and highlights his short attention span, and that he eats his meals in his bed.

Taking the crescendo to a whole new level, the book has featured quotes from the former Breitbart Executive Chairman and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The main focus of the conversation is a meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr; with Mr. Bannon labeling it as “treasonous”.

Looking back at the proposed movie, Variety reports that no movie studio is attached to the project, yet. The write of the book, Michael Wolff, will serve as the Executive Producer of the movie, alongside the ex BBC Executive Michael Jackson.

As expected, Trump has not remained silent after the contents of the book were made public. In a statement issued on January 10, he proposed to “take a strong look” at the libel laws of the United States, giving a thinly veiled threat that the film is lawsuit material.

Though the proposed movie would get more publicity – for obvious reasons – Television studios are already running multiple projects on the Donald, and his presidency. For instance, “President Show” is currently aired on Comedy Central, whereas Stephen Colbert is planning to release “Our Cartoon President”, an animated series on Showtime.


‘Star Wars’ Releases Details of Han Solo Movie

Though the movie has experienced a number of delays in the past – particularly due to the firing of its original directors, “Star Wars” has now released the release date as well as the plot of the movie.

In a sign that a trailer is all but due in the coming weeks, ‘Star Wars’ has released the details of a Han Solo movie due to hit cinemas later this year. The teaser has come after the production of the movie was shrouded in mystery for months.


Made under the direction of Ron Howard, the film looks forward to following the life and adventures of a teenaged Han Solo, after which he meets Luke Skywalker in a curious location in Star Wars: A New Hope.


“Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the plot release reads.

“Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.”


The synopsis of the movie has come at a time when ‘Star Wars’ fans were losing hope regarding its release. For instance, during the making of the movie, Lucasfilm fired the directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, before appointing the renowned filmmaker Ron Howard in their place.


In addition to featuring Alden Ehrenreich as a space smuggler famed by Harrison Ford, the cast of Solo includes Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi) from the Game of Thrones, Donald Glover, Michael Kenneth Williams and Woody Harrelson.


Solo is the second anthology movie made by the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. It follows the 2016 Rogue One and is set to be succeeded by its sequel in 2020. In the meantime, the 9th Episode of the ‘Star Wars series will come in 2019, in which J.J. Abrams will serve as the director in place of the departing Colin Trevorrow.

All that Glitters: Respected Historical Personalities Who Were Actually Terrible

These personalities have left a big mark in our history, and for this, we look to them with admiration and respect. However, once we set aside that lens of reverence, cracks began to appear in their personas.

Want to know more about such personalities? This article will help.

Woodrow Wilson

Ask Black Americans, and you’d hear what they think about Woodrow Wilson, the American President at the time of World War 1. While the rest of world sees him as the champion of democracy, human rights, and liberal International Institutions, the Black Americans remember Wilson as a bigot, racist, and chauvinist.

It was during his tenure that the Ku Klux Klan was re-born, segregation policy of the Government reached its epitome, and Black Americans were disenfranchised – both in and outside the White House.

Such diverging views about Woodrow Wilson prove the veracity of one point: some historical figures, despite all their achievements in public life, weren’t good human beings. And unlike that scoundrel in your neighborhood whose bad actions cannot cause much damage at a large scale, the actions of such personalities damaged generations.


Revered as the “Mahatma” by more than 1 billion Indians, Gandhi continues to divide opinions outside subcontinent to this day. One area where the life of Gandhi is still scrutinized is the divergence between his words and actions when it comes to sex.

Throughout his life, Gandhi preached asceticism – he even advised the newlywed couples to stay celibate for the entirety of their lives so that they can purify their souls. In his own life, however, it becomes apparent that as far as this topic was concerned, Gandhi was not a man of his words.

For instance, at the time when his father was dying, Gandhi left him to have sex with his wife. During that time, his father died. What’s more, according to his biographer Jad Adams, the Mahatma also had an inclination of sleeping right next to naked girls, with the biographer calling him “Sex Mad”.

Mother Teresa

In today’s world, it has become borderline illegal to harangue Mother Teresa. News articles want us to believe that when it comes to helping the poor, no one did more than her. So much is the pull of her achievements that the Catholic Church calls him “Saint Teresa”.

In India, however – the country where he “served” the most, the true motives of Mother Teresa have started to become appear. As reported by Times of India, the true purpose of her charitable behavior was not piety. Rather, what she wanted was to boost the number of Christians inside India.

What’s more, in a study published in Journal of Studies in Religion, it has been noted that she didn’t make full use of the charitable donations that were at her disposal.

Winston Churchill

Just like Woodrow Wilson, most people remember Winston Churchill as a war-hero. Some with a knack for history also take delight in his oratory skills. Still, there is one dark side of the former English Prime Minister which hasn’t been explored sufficiently to this date.

For example, according to a book titled Churchill’s Empire, Churchill during her youth took part in “expeditions” against the Africans. Later on, when he became a member of the Parliament, Churchill urged it to wage a war against the minorities.

These actions of his weren’t limited to Great Britain as his tenure saw the zenith of British Empire, Churchill. Regarding the Kurds, who were under British dominion at that time and wanted independence, Churchill advocated for the use of “poisoned gas” to spread a “lively terror”.

Walt Disney

Don’t tell the children, but Walt Disney couldn’t have been farther from the comic characters due to which he became famous, and wealthy at the same time.

According to one of her associates, Ward Kimball, Walt didn’t trust cats or “women”. In one letter – which she sent to a woman who wanted to work for the Disney Corp as an animator, Disney rejected her out rightly. And the reason for her rejection? In his own words, Disney stated that women “cannot do creative work”.


Dolores O’Riordan Dead: The Cranberries Singer Dies Age 46

In a statement issued by her publicist, the Irish musician died on Monday, at the Park Lane Hotel, in London, adding that she was in London for one of her recording sessions.

Dolores O’Riordan, the leading singer of the multi-platinum band “The Cranberries”, has died at the age of 46. Although the news of her death was issued by her publicist, no cause of death has come out as of yet. The Met Police confirmed that they were treating the death as “unexplained”.

The Irish Times reports that back in 2017, the Cranberries were forced to cancel their tour due to the ill-health of O’Riordan. The band further states that she had medical problems relating to her back, adding that she was diagnosed as a bi-polar in the year 2014.

It was in 1989 that O’Riordan became a part of the Cranberries band after seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper. Within years of her joining, O’Riordan led it to International success – by giving hit singles like “Linger” and “Zombie”. Due to her overwhelming success, the band sold more than 40 million copies internationally.

In addition to working as part of the band, O’Riordan released a couple of solo records in her career. She released “Are You Listening?” In 2007 and “No Baggage” in 2009. Her last performance came a month before her untimely death. In November 2017, she recorded the title song for Angela’s Christmas – a short movie released by an Irish television network last month.

“To all those who follow and support Irish music, Irish musicians, and the performing arts, her death will be a big loss”. Irish President, Michael D Higgins.

In early 2017, the Cranberries took to Twitter to explain that O’Riordan was feeling it tough to recover from a recurring back problem. As a result of her bad health, most of the European tours of the Cranberries canceled out last year.

Paying his tribute to the deceased singer, Ireland President Michael Higgins opined that learning the news gave him “great sadness”. He further added that to all those who support and follow Irish music, the death of O’Riordan will be a “big loss”.

Tribute has also come from her fellow musicians, with Hozier, the Irish songwriter, claiming he was “shocked and saddened”. Pop Singer Maggie Rogers credited Dolores’ voice to “help me understand” her place in the world.

Say No to Plastic: Iceland Supermarket to Go “Plastic-Free” by 2023

According to a statement issued by the UK retailer, it will be removing plastic on all of its label products within five years, replacing it with recyclable paper bags, and pulp and paper trays.

In a step that would put pressure on other supermarkets to follow suit, Iceland has committed that it would eliminate plastic packaging on all its brand products by the end of year 2023. The supermarket says that this decision would go a long way in ending the “scourge of plastic pollution.

Giving us an insight on how it would move forward with this decision, Iceland says it plans to replace plastic with pulp and paper trays, as well as paper bags. All these materials are environment-friendly as they can be recycled either through in-store recycling facilities and domestic waste collections.

Although the decision would be implemented by the end of 2023, its ramifications will start becoming visible in the coming months. For, Plastic disposable straws have already been replaced from Iceland’s label range whereas plastic food trays will be replaced by their paper-based counterparts in the next few months.

Apart from being on good terms with the Government, this decision by Iceland has come at a time when there is overwhelming public support for phasing out plastic. A survey carried out by the supermarket found 80% of 5,000 people polled suggesting that they would endorse the supermarket’s decision of phasing out plastic.

This is not the first time that Iceland has decided to embark on environment-friendly initiatives. In the past, Iceland joined the Co-op chain to support UK Government’s initiative of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

The DRS requires the consumers to pay a little extra amount on each plastic bottle they are going to buy. This price is refundable, and the consumers can get it back once the vacant bottle is returned. The decision was taken to prevent damage to eco systems, as UK alone discards 16 million plastic bottles every single day.

The move of the company has come at a time when China has announced that it would no longer take the plastic waste of the UK for recycling. In other words, the big businesses will now have to clean up their own act.